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Branch A, 31 Church St, Turffontein, Johannesburg City 2140
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Affordable Skip Hire Johannesburg
Need to hire a skip? Call us today!
Do you need to dispose of a large amount of refuse? You need a skip! We offer skips to your building, you load and we collect - it’s never been this easy!
We provide skip rentals throughout Johannesburg Metro.
Use our skip bins for:

Scrap metal
Building junk
Demolition rubbish
Lawn junk
General garbage
Event rubbish
Rubbish from shops
Dust and soil

Affordable Skip Hire Johannesburg
Address: Branch A, 31 Church St, Turffontein, Johannesburg City, 2140
087 250 3120
Website: https://affordableskiphire.co.za/affordable-skip-hire-johannesburg/
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/Affordable-Skip-Hire-103099762230237/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2SUzu4-Y3sx6geAEWNbWjw/about/ https://za.pinterest.com/affordableskiphireza/

Affordable Skip Hire Johannesburg - Waste management service in Johannesburg Metro. Affordable Skip Hire. Find reliable skip rentals! Simple, affordable, and reliable. Get a free quote now. 2-3 Cube, 6 Cube, Mini Skips, Midi, Maxi Skips.
Member of Local Pros https://www.localpros.co.za/skip-hire/

Hire a skip in Johannesburg Metro today
Skip rentals in Johannesburg Metro
We know how tiresome it is to carry your garbage and rubble to the dumping ground each day. Select us, load the skip, and we will pick up.
You can load our easy online form to pick the delivery and collection dates.
Let us know for how long you need to keep the skip because our usual turn-around is 2-day.

Skip hire for residential properties
Residence Skip Leasings
Have way too much junk for your local municipal waste collection to collect? Choosing a skip is the only solution! We drop it at your home, you can fill it, and we will pick it up.
Use our non commercial skips for:
General waste
Lawn refuse
Renovation junk
Spring cleaning
Commercial Skip Rentals
Commercial Skip Rentals
We provide skip rentals for industrial uses.
Dispose of the rubbish in a hygienic and cost-efficient way when you choose skips.
Keep the skips at your premises for your desired period and let us know when we should pick up them.
Commercial skips are perfect for:
Companies that generate lots of waste
Workplaces that are being refurbished
Lawn services
Get in touch with us now to discuss your junk removal requirements!

Construction Skip Rentals
Building And Construction Skip Leasings
Debris and rubbish clearing from building areas can be so challenging and also costs too much.
Go for either mini (2 cubes), midi (6 cubes), or maxi (11 cubes) to fulfill your building and construction refuse removal needs.
Fill up the internet-based form to get the skip delivered and collected.
Skip Sizes
Skip Sizes
Our skips can accommodate any kind of requirement in 3 user-friendly sizes:
Mini (2 cubes).
Midi (6 cubes).
Maxi (11 cubes).
Go ahead and make use of mini skip bins for your lawn refuse. You will be able to pick up 2 Venter trailers worth of waste in the mini skip bin.
Midi skip bins can fit best for commercial purposes because they can put away 30 your local municipal waste collection bins worth of junk.
Construction spots are best suited to maxi skips which are practically twice the size of midi sized skips.
We delivery and collect your skip in Johannesburg Metro
Skip Shipment and Collection in Johannesburg Metro.
We supply skips to any area in Johannesburg Metro! Skip rentals are supplied for as long as you want and once you want us to pick up it, let us know!
Get a free skip leasing quotation by contacting us or filling the internet-based form.

Skip rental costs
Skip Rent Rates
Our rent fees are based upon per skip. Rates will also differ if you keep the skips for more days.
For a 2-day skip leasing, our fees are as follows:
Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700
Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500
Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800
We bill the same amount for skip delivery and collection in Johannesburg Metro.
Dump your waste responsibly
You can rely on our safe and environment-friendly waste disposal.
It is our duty to take the recyclable dump to the specialized plant and the non-recyclable waste to a registered landfill dumping ground.
We only use legal methods to discard your refuse.
Why hire a skip?
If you have more rubbish than your local municipal waste collection, then our rental is the best solution. You end up saving time and money if you have:
Junk generated at the events, eating places, and stores
Dump accumulated at building and construction sites
Residence waste that includes lawn trash and other residential waste
Don't know which skip will best fit your needs? Call us and we will direct you!

Items Allowed in your Skip
Go on and put any kind of debris, refuse, or waste but don't put harmful waste into it. We will then dispose of it responsibly, either by recycling or using a certified disposal area facility.
To get a free of charge estimate, contact us now.
Debris Elimination.
Are you revamping your house? Keep the junk in the skip for as many days as you want and wait for us to collect it.
Fill in the online form for a free quote.

Do you supply skip services to a specific local area?
Our skip service solutions are supplied to anyone living in the greater Johannesburg Metro. Just call us to pick up the skip when it is loaded - yes, we make it that easy!
For how many days I can keep the skip?
Keep the skip for as many days as you prefer! We supply skips for short time-span as well as on a regular manner.
Connect with us here if you desire more information before hiring the skips!
What can I put in the skip?
Put any kind of wastage in your skip if it is not hazardous. We only pick a location that is far away from the city. Non-recyclable dump is sent to a registered dumping ground facility and is never illegally discarded.

What are the charges for skip hire?
Fees differ according to the skip dimension and for how long you need it. Below are our basis rates:
Mini (2 cubes) skip: R 700
Midi (6 cubes) skip: R 1500
Maxi (11 cubes) skip: R 2800
Can I estimate the dimension of skip before finding?
If your home uses 2 Venter trailers for household or garden junk, a mini skip is what you want. Midi skips can be the excellent choice for business junk. On the other hand, maxi skips can be utilized for construction sites waste.
We provide a quick assessment and offer you the best size of skip - fill the form here!
What do you do after you collect the waste?
We try to reprocess most of the waste. Dump that can't be reused is taken to a registered garbage dump site. Our waste disposal methods are legitimate.
Why would I need to find a skip rather than a truck or bakkie?
Skips don't cost much unlike a truck or bakkie. You can save your time by avoiding the headache of dumping it outside instead, we will come and pick up it.

How to use the skip- is it uncomplicated?
It is far easier than you think. Throwing your rubble inside the skip calls for little effort and you don't need a ladder or other special tools. Your only job is to throw the waste inside. Rest is our duty!
Am I picking the right technique to dispose of the waste by selecting a skip hire?
your local municipal waste collection only allows you to clear away one roller trash can weekly. If you have more rubbish, you will need to dispose of it on your own. If you choose a trailer or truck, bakkie, or any other cumbersome waste removal approach, it will be costly and time-consuming. A skip service can save you from inconvenience, wasting time, and money.
Click here to contact us for a free of charge quote!

Do you recycle skip contents?
Yes, every recyclable item goes to a recycling facility. Other dump is disposed of in a landfill facility.
I don't know what I need - can you help?
Yes, undoubtedly! Call us now or send us a text and we will propose the best skip possible.

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Phone: 087 250 3120
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