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27 Hendrik Potgieter street Alberton North, Gauteng 1449
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Paint Station is an established business with more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the industry, focused on surface restoration and specialises in;
• Roof & Wall Coating
• Waterproofing and
• Damp proofing.
• Conditioning and reconditioning of new and existing structures is our speciality

In a very competitive market like the contracting market in South Africa,
contractors really need something special to set them apart from the rest.
The obvious things would include competitive prices, excellent service and assurance of a quality product with the guarantee that comes with it.

Paint Station strives to offer these non-negotiable qualities, and along with them going a couple of steps further.
By being in the position to operate as an excellent contracting business, Paint Station is determined to not only deliver on theses promises but to also invest back into the industry.

Paint Station has an office space in Alberton from where all projects are managed and serves as a perfect depot for a wide range of products needed for Roof and Wall Coatings, damp and waterproofing.
The offices of Paint Station also has a one stop Paint shop that is committed to serving other contractors with all the products they need and the advice and consult of the Paint Station professionals to give their clients a long term low maintenance finish.

Paint Station is unique in this areas as we desire to improve the industry, serve other contractors and give the best service to our clients.
Our valued clients include; other contractors, developers, builders and the general public, all to whom we offer the best products at the right price.

Because of these values; of giving our customers the best service and quality products we are confident that everyone will have an excellent experience when working with Paint Station

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Phone: 0727315407
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