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CCTV, Acces Control, Ring Door Bell, Smart locks

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Panther Road, South Africa 2154
Describe what your business does.:

SMARTLOK (Pty) Ltd aims to set the benchmark in the field of Electronic Security Systems by supplying innovative technology for Smart locking, access control solutions and CCTV systems. We also specialise in consultation services for electronic security systems, the design, configuration, installation and maintenance of advanced Keyless Locking solutions (NOKE)as well as digital CCTV systems. From simple DIY RING doorbells and spotlights, entry level CCTV systems to highly advanced networked and wireless IP CCTV systems. Our systems are designed and engineered to suite our clients individual needs based on system requirements and affordability.
Our technology provides the capability to put in place all-encompassing systems that will either prevent crime or if a crime does take place, lead to successful apprehension and prosecution. But unless there is proper planning, implementation, ongoing management and maintenance of the system and its human elements it will never be 100 percent effective. We therefor offer tailor made aftersales service and preventative Maintenance packages.
The installation of NOKE, RING, UNIVIEW, HIKVISION will be handled only by preferred and fully trained installers that will be performed by either in-house or contracted service providers which are contracted through a strict SLA so that we are able to provide reliable high quality installations and 24/7/365 after sales service
SMARTLOCK (Pty) Ltd will not only be installing our range of NOKE SMART lock products but will also be selling through viable distribution and sales channels. For NOKE we aim to secure projects in the mining, transport, utilities, the fuel transportation industry, industrial factories and telecoms industry. NOKE being a niche product with unique features we believe it will provide us with an edge over what our competitors can offer.
SMARTLOK (Pty) Ltd, have partnered with only high-quality brands that offer exceptionally high-quality products and services. We strive to provide our customers with only the best solutions along with a strong focus on after sales service and support. Through these brands we believe we can provide excellent solutions and unsurpassed after sales service and support.

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Phone: 0760237458

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