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Andeon, Pretoria, Zuid-Afrika, Gauteng, South Africa 0183
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The company was founded by Fulu, a qualified electronics engineer, Project Manager who did projects in USA and other parts of the world.

Worked as a CCTV expert for various national points organisations in South Africa

With our new range of state of art technology, you can monitor your schools, real time alarm and video from anywhere in the world. We can link the system to the school governing body members, community police forum, teachers, school principal, etc

If someone is trying to break in (for instance, at night), the alarm siren will make a huge noise making it uncomfortable for the thieves while also calling the school principal, community police forum, SGB members and other selected members. Amazing indeed… alarm system will call your cellphone to notify you there is an intruder at school...

They can check on their smartphones to see the cameras to identify what is causing the alarm.. and respond appropriately

Remember that the CCTV system will also keep a recording of what happened / incident and the information ca be used as evidence in court

This system will definitely help reducing theft, bullying, drug dealing, sexual abuse and many other challenges faced by South African schools today

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