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Doornpoort Pretoria, Gauteng 0017 South Africa, Doornpoort, Gauteng, South Africa
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Improved performance characteristics, preventing decomposition of cured coatings formulation exposed to UV and other elements of nature. Test conducted at Foray-Cetec Laboratories (Australia) have measured VOC content between 0g/lire and 70g/litre.
UV Test of 2000+ hours was successfully completed with no visible defects, which is equivalent to 10 years of harsh conditions. B-Earth low VOC product range remains flexible and durable over a long period of time. NO fading, peeling and chalking on coated areas.
B-Earth acts as a one-way membrane, allowing moisture to escape from the structure on the one hand, and act as sealant not allowing any moisture into the structure.
B-Earth range contains natural algaecides, which prevent fungal growth. Metal Primer is anti-corrosive and contains excellent rust inhibitor. Samples tested have achieved 1500 hours salt-fog spray test without any visible defects. This test simulates one-year coastal conditions for every 100 hours laboratory tested.
Range does not contain any plasticizers or any chemical compound that can polymerize and therefore the product remains flexible
Deep penetrating qualities of B-Earth primers provide solid base for the overcoat.
B-Earth coatings has an insulation capacity to reduce internal temperatures of structures with up to 15% (provided that lighter colours are used)
B-Earth is non-toxic; does not contain any harmful fungicides and pesticides.

The enhanced sustainability performance of the B-earth products compared to other similar water-based epoxy and emulsion coatings is achieved throughout the lifecycle stages of the products:
No hazardous substances are used in the manufacturing of the products.
Apart from resource utilisation, (water and energy), the manufacturing operation has minimal impacts on the environment
One of the major advantages of the B-earth solutions is that they are suitable for multiple types of surfaces and substrates.
Apart from its hardness and impact-absorption ability, the paint product has improved flexibility characteristics
The environmental and health impact performance of the B-earth solutions during and after application is highlighted with respect to the two main toxic factors associated with paint-related products: no metallic releases and low to no releases of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
Overall, the non-hazardous characteristics of the products ensure virtually no risks to society during application or thereafter. The product is scrub resistant and washable; it has low odour characteristics and is heat and fire resistant, which makes these products a superior choice for exterior or indoor applications

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