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39 Kingfisher Avenue, Elspark, Germiston, Zuid-Afrika, Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa
Describe what your business does.:

Small bussines that like to give the customer what they want. Thinking out of the box at all possible problems and areas and how to cover it ,been around for 25 years doing all industies so we are not limed to one field , this help with a lot of problems that we incounter We also support smaller importers and always looking for the best product and price.unknown products we test before we supply customer with it. Will repair before replace but will not take shortcuts to make a fast buck, helping customer to help business. Going out of our way to try and help but also saving them some money,they never see it that way but we dont care it always a good feeling at the end of the day. Cheap is not always the best, will always have a option for the customer. Long term work with a good customer relationship is what we strive to not always possible but even with a once off job its always nice to know you did your best, want to get to the point where can offer customer the option of rental systems but not there yet we have some maintenance contracts in place where customer have no worry there systems just keep working

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Phone: 0744298586
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