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Pretoria, South Africa, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa 122
Describe what your business does.:

ADD VALUE is a revolutionary,missionary and visionary concept which was intiated by a highly experienced paint loving guy. After noting the high degree of dishonesty,selfishiness and greediness in the construction industry,painting in particular, where selfish contractors are sucking the blood out of clients by charging ridiculous prices for poorly done jobs,jobs that are done with cheap fake materials,I saw it fit to create a system that will bring satistifaction to clients whereby we can not only do the job but share the knowledge with them as well free of charge. I built a formidable team of well trained painters,in terms of general morality and work ethics. Ours is a team fully equipped with knowledge of the industry as well as the significance of valuing of human dignity. ADD VALUE is build on the princeples of authenticity,integrity and originality We don't believe in doing business but in building relationships with our clients by adding value and creativity through painting,decorating and protecting homes at affordable and reasonable prices. We are driven by the passion and sheer love for painting and making houses neat and exquisite. It is this undying passion for painting that gave birth to this great vision of transfoming communities and businesses through painting,decorating,protecting and maintaining houses,offices as well as other buildings. Our primary driving factor is the love for what we are doing. Yes we love this work!

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Phone: 0798342405
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