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Faerie Glen - Pretoria East, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa 0081
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Aircon Pros Pretoria - Full-service air conditioning company
Are you still going through freezing winters and overwhelming summers? Ensure that you feel comfy in your home or office every time. We supply professional aircon installation and repair solutions.
- Major brands offered
- AC upgrades
- Aircon service for all models
- Servicing all air conditioners

Aircon Pros Pretoria
Address: Faerie Glen - Pretoria East, Pretoria, 0081
087 250 0789
Website: https://www.airconpros.co.za/air-conditioning-pretoria/
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/Aircon-Pros-108457154627104 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4HAX9TDiEevg1E1C3cM41w https://za.pinterest.com/airconprosl/

Air conditioning contractor in Pretoria. Installations, upgrades, repairs and regular servicing. All major brands Samsung, LG, Aux, Jetair and more. Call for a same-day response.

Air conditioner Installers
Do you need an aircon installation for your office or home? Call us now. Get help choosing an aircon unit that combines efficiently with your present furnishings and runs quietly.
From split wall units to central air conditioning units, we cover everything.
We have air conditioners ranging from the budget-friendly ones to the expensive units that give cooling to a large room.
Call us or fill in the online form and we will help you identify what best fits your needs in terms of airconditioners.

Airconditioner Services
Work with an expert ac servicing professional to:
- Keep it running
- Save your money on bills
- Removes dirt and dust from piping and ducts
- Finds issues before they become too serious and costly to fix
Have your residential ac fixed every 6 to 12 months and ask a specialist to restore your commercial unit every 3 to 6 months.
Don't try and maintain your air conditioning unit yourself as you may harm the fragile parts.
Go for an expert air conditioner repair by filling the online form or contacting us.

Airconditioner Repairs
Is your air conditioning system making a weird noise or not working as efficiently? Quickly fix any trouble in the aircon to prevent further harm.
- Compressor upgrade
- Gas refill
- Spare parts and remotes
- Electrical connection faults
- Airconditioner sensor issues
- Drainage issues

If you need same day ac repairs, give us a call.

Airconditioner Brands
Our items range consists of various ac brands of South Africa:
Samsung, Medea, Toshiba, Daikin, LG, Alliance, York, Jet-Air, Aux, Goldair
And much more …

Industrial AC Installations|Industrial Air Conditioner Installations}
Performance decreases when the temperature is higher than normal. Keep their performance high by installing an air conditioning system in your office space or industrial building.
Air conditioners that provide constant cooling for small shops as well as large industrial buildings.
Get in touch with us to get a free professional visit to your industrial space.

Licenses & Service warranties
Our products provide a manufacturer guarantee with each installation. It is required that you have your unit repaired at least once a year to keep the guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to select the dimension of the aircon?
You can go for aircon installations for the entire house or particular rooms. Depending upon the dimension of your room or house, an aircon having the perfect 'BTU' will be recommended. Such as, a small room may need 12,000 BTU ac, whereas a large room will need 24,000 BTU ac. If you have any doubt, just let us know the dimension of your room and we will propose the best ac for your room.

What is the exact expense to install an aircon?
To know the exact price of an ac installation, you have to decide which model you need and what is the dimension of your room. It can range from R5000 to several thousand Rands for various dimensions and attributes.

What is the guarantee with the installation?
We offer a 2 to 5 years guarantee with ac installation for any harm to the compressor. You can claim a free repair or replacement anytime you notice that your ac is not up to the mark. Other general ac components are also covered under a 12-month guarantee.

Won't an aircon make my electricity bill high?
No, this is not correct. An aircon that has the latest technology attributes, will not cost you much.

{Don't aircon units make a lot of noise?|Is it correct that an aircon makes too much noise?|How much noise does the aircon produce?|I've heard that aircons make a lot of noise, how correct is this?|I want a silent aircon but I am stressed that it will make a lot of noise, what do you advise?
No, not the modern units. New models run almost silently and you and your family can easily sleep or watch TV with your air-con on.

Do I really need an airconditioner?
Installing an aircon won't hurt you. It helps to keep your surroundings cool in summer and you feel productive throughout the season. It will also help you to stay warm in the winter. It makes your home a much better place to reside in.

I'm stressed that an air conditioning unit will make my house look ugly
The latest aircon units appear amazing in your room. It will be hard to find out where the ac is installed.

Contact Information
Phone: 87 250 0789
Fill out my online form.

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