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155 Witsering Road, Pretoria, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa 120
Describe what your business does.:

When it comes to securing your property, Cheaper is not always better.

What we do

Active Perimeter breach deterrent & detection systems are our speciality! For electric high voltage fences, Falcon Electric Fence is definitely the team to talk to. Whether your need is; game fencing, Big 5 fences, domestic wall top, business, commercial or industrial, we can design a site-specific perimeter fence solution right for you.

Together with the fences, we are in a position to repair and install various gate motors. We also undertake steelwork and electrical. We have recently completed the prescribed Electrical Fence Course and are in a position to issue Electric Fence COC’s.

Products & Services

a. Products

Falcon Electric Fence solutions are ideal for protection of outdoor external perimeters, fences, walls, boundaries and roofs. Manufactured from high quality, corrosive resistant material ensures longevity of operation for many years to come.

b. Services


We’ll design an active perimeter security / containment system customized to your requirements.


Our experienced teams will efficiently install and instruct you on the various options and features available to you, whether it is fence or gate related.


We’ll stick around after the installation to ensure your active perimeter system works for you into the future. We are also in a position to service and maintain all gate motors and garage door openers as well as all energizers


Should you need repairs our technicians will attend to them timeously.

Quality Assured

All our fences are compliant with S A B S regulations, SANS 10222-3; Government gazette and international standards. Proven reliability means you can rest assured, you’re fully protected!

c. Business competitiveness

Continuous improvement is possible only when desired results have been defined and improvements can be measured in an objective manner.

Our perimeter security systems are a cost effective solution offering low installation costs and very reasonable on-going running expenses. Falcon Electric Fence solutions are extremely user-friendly, that means you and your employees can operate the system.

d. Quality policies

Only customers can declare that a product or service is quality. Quality is a culture that treats people as valuable resources recognising that the best relationships result when participants come out winners.

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