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Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa 2191
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Swimming Pool Pros Sandton
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Swimming Pool Pros Sandton
Address: Bryanston, Sandton, 2191
087 250 2202
Website: https://www.swimmingpoolpros.co.za/pools-sandton-fourways-bryanston/
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/Swimming-Pool-Pros-109015664620456 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzlOb_lKy4OT4-be0r5Y7DA www.pinterest.com/SwimmingPoolPros

Swimming pool contractor in Sandton. Keep your pool looking great all year round. We offer the following services: pool cleaning maintenance, pool repairs and inspections, pool renovation, pool pump repairs and filters, new pool Installations and pool leak detection. Call today for a quote!

Pool Cleaning Maintenance
A perfect pool upkeep can keep your pool looking new across the year. You have plenty of time to relax while one of the reps takes care of the upkeep of your pool. We provide an assured shining pool cleaning service on every visit.
A perfectly cleaned pool needs a cleaning treatment of a few hours each week.
We provide the following pool cleaning and maintenance solutions:
Pool chemical level testing
Cleaning of swimming pool baskets, weirs, filtration system, and skimmer bags
Vacuuming the pool's surface
Backwashing your pool
Dirt and leaf extraction with brush cleaning
Pool treatment through chemicals
Pool Repairs and evaluations
Is your pool leaking from an unidentified spot? Or maybe your pool has a crack. Our pool repairing specialists can repair the leak right away. Call us and book a free evaluation to find out why your pool is leaking. Our evaluations are offered free of cost.
Crack repairs
Pool pump repair service
Filter replacements
Pool pipe repairs and leakage detection
Pool renovations and relining
Repairing of marbelite and fibreglass
Swimming pool maintenance

Pool Renovation
Has your pool become old and worn? Convert it into a brand new pool. Pool makeovers by fibreglass relining, marbelite, and gunite.

Pool resurfacing
Marbelite application
Fibreglass relining
Paving and Mosaicing
Pool Resurfacing (Marbelite and Fibreglass)
Pool adaptations and features

Go for a pool refinishing if you see a worn-out, discoloured, or blistered pool.
Pool linings can easily last around ten years but you should upgrade them when needed.
It doesn't take long to refinish the pool. Usually, you can use your pool after 4 to 5 days.
Pool Pump Repairs and Filters.
Do you need a pool pump replacement or restoring? We have the solution to this. Just contact us and we will service or upgrade it the same day.
New Pool Installations.
Planning to buy a new property? Make sure you have a pool in it. Choose from Gunite, Marbelite, and Fibreglass new pool installations. Book a free estimate to discuss which is best for your property.

Pool Leakage Diagnosis
Does your pool lose water quickly? Chances are it is leaking. Book a leak diagnosis service to figure out the exact leakage spot.
Serving all areas in Johannesburg
We are working in the Johannesburg area with trusted pool installation, repairing, remodelling, and cleaning solutions. Multiple teams are available in every area to supply free cost estimates and evaluations.
About Swimming Pool Pros
{Swimming Pool Pros is a network of proven and vetted pool professionals.|We have hand-picked some of the best pool professionals and added them to our network.|At Swimming Pool Pros, we have joined hands with some of the most recognized pool professionals in the area.|Our network consists of various pool professionals and that's how we at Swimming Pool Pros are supplying seamless solutions to our consumers.|{Swimming Pool Pros are working along with various pool professionals to offer every service that you may need.|With a network of many pool professionals, Swimming Pool Pros can offer you a series of pool solutions. With our diversified network, we are aiming at offering a professional for any pool-related query you may have. Whether you need a single pro for a small pool job or a group of several pool professionals. Speak to our agent on the phone or fill a convenient online form today.

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