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Allen Place, Ballito, South Africa, South Africa
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Hi there,

Precision Tinting was established in 2006. We started out doing both vehicles as well as flat glass window tinting. We have since concentrated on residential and commercial window tinting in the Durban area.

Precision recently opened a second branch in Johannesburg – so this is really exciting that our company is growing.

Why apply window film?

There are several reasons for applying window film onto windows. The most common being heat and glare reduction as well as UV Protection. Other reasons are for safety and decoration.

Most of our films will reduce ultra violet (UV) light by up to 99% - the main cause of fading of blinds, furniture and fittings.

Our solar control reflective window films are applied to your existing windows and include various benefits. Various tints and performances will cast-off high levels of the sun’s solar heat by up to 82% as well as annoying glare by up to 95% improving the climate and comfort of the occupants.

This is an awesome add on for your customer's to help prolong the life of their blinds. If you would like to meet us and see some samples we would be happy to meet with you.

Free quotations.

We offer a free quotation service – however, we request that we are given an opportunity to compare our quotes with any other’s that are obtained.

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Phone: 0828558862
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