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9 Dorothy Nyembe Street, Corporate Place, Suite 902 Durban , Kwa- Zulu Natal 4001 South Africa, South Africa
Describe what your business does.:

SADMG offers Debt Counselling services to South Africans in Financial Distress. We are fully compliant and registered with the National Credit Regulator under Registration Number NCRDC 2234. The company is structured as a contact centre inclusive of Sales, Collections, Administration and Legal Departments. We are currently servicing more than a thousand clients. SADMG offers clients the personal attention that they deserve.

How Does Debt Counselling Work?

1. We receive your application and immediately start assessing your financial situation to see if you are over-
indebted and eligible for debt review. If found that you qualify we will inform you and proceed with the debt review process. If not, we will call you and advise you further.

2. All your credit providers, The NCR and credit bureaus are now notified of your successful application for debt review. The creditors will adjust your accounts on their systems to show you have been placed under debt review.

3. We create your monthly budget by assessing your monthly living expenses like rent, food, water and electricity, policies, insurance etc. and establish how much you are able to pay toward your debt

4. The creditors send us certificates of balance (COB’s), these cob’s tells us exactly how much is outstanding, your contractual monthly payments and arrears amounts, if any.

5. We will now have a clear indication as to how much you will have to pay per month towards debt and how much you will have for living expenses. We will send you your monthly budget which will include your debt repayment plan.

6. Our debt counselors will prepare a proposal which will be sent to the credit providers. The credit providers may or may not accept the proposal.

7. Should all the proposals be accepted we will proceed to obtain a consent order, if not, we will recalculate the proposal if we find the creditor’s reason acceptable. If our final proposal does not get accepted we will proceed to court for a magistrate to make a decision.

Final Step

Financial Freedom.

What do we need to get started?
• Copy of Pay slip and ID.
• List of your accounts and the installments that you pay towards them on a monthly basis.
• List of your monthly expenses i.e. , rent, food, lights & water, travelling expenses (things that you essentially require to survive on a monthly basis).
• Please advise if you are single or married, if married in COP due to the legal aspects of the NCR Act both yourself and your partner will need to undergo the process.

What is our Fee Structure?

There are no upfront fees required for this process as it is incorporated into the process and all payments are to be made into a PDA (Payment Distribution Agency)

The first installment is paid to the debt counselor who will handle the entire process.
The second installment is for the attorney fees to draft, set down a court date and represent you at court.
The third installment is distributed to the all creditors that you have decided to place under review.
The PDA takes a small amount for the distribution of your funds on a monthly basis and we are given a 5% after care fee from your rehab amount but this is capped at R400.

Applying for Debt Review is confidential and easy.

Contact Information
Phone: 0872321108
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