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90 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa 8001
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Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town

Looking for a certified electric fencing installer? Get In Touch With Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town today. A certified electric fencing company based in Cape Town near you, contact us now for a COC (Certificate of Compliance) to install or repair your electric fence. Our years of knowledge can give you the confidence that we will provide you with the ideal type and size electric fence that will stay secure and last for many years.

Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town
Address: 90 Kloof St, Gardens, 8001
087 250 2419
Website: https://proelectricfencing.co.za/cape-town/
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/proelectricfencing https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUGYFta9lBmrM__XRs9P7g/about?disable_polymer=1 www.pinterest.com/ProElectricFencing

Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town - Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town - Fence contractor in Cape Town. Pro Electric Fencing consists of a team of experts that is always here to handle emergency electric fence repair work and new installation in Randburg, Sandton, Midrand, Roodepoort, East Rand, Pretoria, Centurion and Johannesburg.
Member of Local Pros https://www.localpros.co.za/electric-fencing/

We also provide a warranty for every installation for your peace of mind. Here at Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town we provide industry- leading products when fencing wires and energizers are concerned. Our supplies are from leading brands like Nemtek and Stafix. These suppliers provide quality products that will give you comfort knowing your home and office are protected by an innovative and secure security system.
In addition to the new electric fence installation, Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town also offers repair of existing fences of all sizes.
Our team is based in Cape Town ready to help you. To have the most innovative and economical electrified fencing installed in your home or office, call us today!

Complete Selection of Electric Fencing Services
Our team is equipped with a whole selection of services as well as solutions to offer you security in your office or home, we cover the Cape Town area close to you. Get in touch with us today for a quotation! Below are a few of our services and solution offerings:

- New Domestic and Industrial Electric Fence Installation.
- Multiple strand lines which include 4, 6, 8 and even higher.
- Repair work and upkeep of existing electric fencing.
- Electric fencing products available for sale.
- Electric fencing for palisade, block and brick walls.
- Stand alone/ Freestanding electric fence walls and perimeter protection.
- Electrify your gates.
- We will keep you linked by connecting your electric fence to any existing security systems, armed response and alarms you may have.


Here at Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town we make sure we are offered by the best, including major brands such as Stafix and Nemtek. We have all you will need for both installations and repairs of your electric fencing. Contact us now for a quotation on the products you need.
- Add-ons for your electric fence.
- Mounting brackets.
- A wide range of accessories.
- Fencing wires and cables.
- 12v Batteries.
- Insulators for electric fences.
- Energizer.

Protection From Property Invasion
Put an end to wall jumpers.
It is way more challenging breaking into a yard that is protected by an electric fence. Add this to your armed response and alarm system and your house will be the last in your street to be burglarized. With a secure electric fence you can feel safe in your home and yard.

Safeguard your home from animal damage.
For farm owners electric fences are important, as they protect you against prospective criminals as well as potential unwanted animals. In order to stop an intrusion you will need to install preventatives to stop unwanted animals from entering into your house. Wandering livestock will not be a problem with an electric fence.


Industrial properties are commonly targeted by criminals. But you don't have to panic because, at Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town, we offer complete protection to your property. Our industrial electric fencing systems will deter intruders from entering your workplace. Added to this, we offer our customers with electric fencing solutions that are cost- effective. Here at Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town we don't believe in charging our customers for first call outs, we will find the most effective solution after inspecting your building. No need to search any further, our team is ready to supply your property with the protection it needs, we offer robust security for any size property.


The regulation has made it compulsory to have a COC certificate to get the electric fence installation done at your property. Thus, as we are electric fence installers, we will provide our COC. This certificate assures that the electrical fencing installed or repaired at your property is completely free of any flaw.

Because we are COC certified electric fence installers we will provide a COC (certificate of compliance) for the following:

- Installation and repair for electric fences on industrial properties.
Electric fence installation and repair for non commercial properties.
- Electric fence repair and installation for farming needs.


The electric fence outperforms old-fashioned fencing in many ways. Before making the big decision to replace your conventional fence with an electric one, you should know the long-term advantages. There are many advantages of securing your property with an electric fence, here are a few explained:
1. Used on an existing fence- Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town can install your new electric fence onto an existing wall or fence, as a result the costs to install an electrical security system will be much less than you would have ever anticipated.
2. Creates barrier-- The electric fence works as a barrier for the intruder. This barrier is really necessary to stop intrusion before they reach your home.
3. Durable security- Having an electric fence means having a fence that will not corrode or need to be maintained for several years, it is the most durable security option.
4. Maintenance fees are less- Maintenance of an electric fence is much less compared to other security systems, making it more cost- effective.
5. Not only does electric fencing provide you and your loved ones with better security, it is also the more affordable option per square metre when compared with building a higher wall
6. Easy to operate- This security system is very simple to operate, you will can disarm as well as arm your fence with a click of a button on an app on your phone or using a remote, this makes securing your property effortless.


Get in touch with Pro Electric Fencing Cape Town today to get your free quote! Whether you are living in Cape Town or any of the suburbs we serve, we are available to provide you high quality security installations for your residential and commercial properties.

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