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17 Lusitania Road, Bay View, Cape Town, South Africa, Western Cape, South Africa 7798
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In 1988 Raymond Petersen, then an administration clerk working for the Western Cape Provincial
Government, began to help out on weekends at a small and private painting group. It was there that
my late father learned how to paint. Painting came easy to his hand and an instant love for the trade
was birthed. After months of filling in extra work hours every weekend, just to earn additional
income for his family, my father was urged to retire early and start his own business. This however
only materialised in 1992, only after enough people had come to know of Raymond – the
trustworthy and affordable painter.
Becoming an entrepreneur in the early nineties must have been a daunting feat. Especially for a
young coloured man with 5 kids growing up on the Cape flats. And it was with this life changing
move that a small family based painting legacy was started. I, Isaac Petersen, along with my 2
brothers, began to help out on weekends in the very manner our father once did. By then my
father’s skills had evolved and continued to improve. His greatest selling point however, remained
honesty and integrity. People paid more for that than they paid for the painting service itself. They
knew they could leave their homes and belongings without worrying about it being damaged or
stolen. We were all taught with the same principles both at home and on site. After I matriculated in
2000, I became a cleaner at his company. Still just a name at the time and not even a CC or PTY. As
time passed and the industry grew, so too our skills improved. I slowly moved up in the ranks but will
never forget how I cleaned my way to become a skilled painter. We began cleaning roofs, painting
factories and doing small furniture also. But our main focus remained houses. Efficiently and
effectively sticking to the quote and time frame over the years also helped build our name and
ensured our clients stayed happy. The company’s marketing strategy has only ever fashioned one
method and had never needed another. The work flow generated by solely “word of mouth”
advertising, remained consistent for the most of a work year. We have successfully been putting
smiles on the faces of home owners in and around the greater Cape Town area for more than 25
In the latter years we began using “greener” paints, we sharpened our detailing and shifted our
focus more on protecting the surfaces we always beautified. We achieved this by guaranteed
workmanship and using only approved products. Any newcomer to the team continues to be briefed
that all stages of painting are highly important and not one of it can be neglected. Preparation,
detailing, application method, drying time, finishing and finally cleaning. All of these processes are
carefully factored in to ensure the highest quality paintwork.
As a painter you always run into objects or surfaces needing repairs before you can paint it. Over
the years we never shied away from small DYI jobs that would improve our paint finishes. We
reached a stage where our trade began to borderline those of schemers, plasterers, builders, tillers
and carpenters. But then we’d always returned to our painting passion…the expertise that so easily
flowed within our family. Call us for an obligation free quote.
Raymond Petersen Painters (PTY) Ltd.

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