Earn Money With Your Website Traffic Or Social Media Accounts.

Do you own a website or have a big following on Social Media? Earn R50 per form completion with Home Improvement Hub by promoting Home Improvement Services to your audience.

How it works

  1. Sign up for our affiliate program using the form.
  2. You can either receive some code to render one of our Home Improvement Enquiry forms on your website or we can give you your own Home Improvement landing page that you can send traffic to.
  3. When someone fills out the form enquiring about getting quotes for one of the home improvement services below, your account will be credited with R50.
  4. We pay our affiliate on a weekly basis.
  5. You will be able to log into our system and view the submissions in realtime.

Thinking about gaming the system – don’t!

  1. We only allow one submission per IP address.
  2. Our system will block the same lead being submitted multiple times.
  3. If the leads are deemed to be low quality (we have an internal review system), then your account will be blocked.

Promoting Home Improvement services is far easier than trying to promote insurance or weight loss products, so the idea is to play ball and be rewarded for doing so!

So, if you think you have the right traffic and right audience and you want to earn some passive income… why not give it a go!



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