For many people, their homes are their pride and glory. If you have a home that you are able to come home to and are proud of, it goes a long way to help you forget the bad or busy day at work. It also helps when it comes to entertaining guests. Many people put off the opportunity to show off to their friends as they are not quite satisfied with their living arrangements.

Renovating your house is exciting. It enables you to change the whole feel of a bedroom or kitchen with a simple change. That change could be knocking down a wall or extending a bathroom, but quite often all a house needs is a fresh coat of paint. Painting your home is often the most inexpensive way to bring about change and a mood change.

When it comes to the interior of your house, the need to give the walls a new colour is not as frequent as the exterior of the house due to the weather exposure the outside walls face. Coastal homes are required to update their paint work more frequently as the salt water can have an erosive effect that Country homes won’t experience. Be sure to read 8 Techniques To Keep In Mind When Doing A Home Paint Job before embarking on your project.

With the technology in paint today and assuming normal wear and tear, a paint job should last between 5 and 10 years long! There are many aspects that influence this duration and we will have a look at the various elements of the house that affect this below.

Hallways, Corridors and Staircases

These aspects take the most amount of wear and tear. They are used daily and are often subject to scuff marks and finger marks. If high-quality paint is used then it does give the ability to be washed every so often. Our experience is that these walls should be refreshed with a layer of paint every 2-3 years.


Adult bedrooms do not see too much activity especially compared to children’s bedrooms. High-quality paint is advised for children’s rooms especially to give it the chance for a wash. We have also found that painting a section with chalkboard paint can add to creativity as well as limit the doodling to a certain area of the bedroom. We predict a need for a new paint job every 3-4 years.

The Dining Room and Living Room

Although these rooms have a lot of activity they are often formal activities which take pace. We suggest using better paint here to help showcase your home. Deciding to repaint these rooms often take place for something new rather than a necessity. It is usually a whole new colour or wall paper and goes with a change in décor. We suggest that these rooms only need to be repainted every 4-6 years.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

These rooms are not only busy but are also subject to moister from the basins, showers, and baths. They are used daily and by different people from the household. We suggest giving these walls a new paint job every 2-3 years.

The Outside Walls

It’s difficult to predict the need for your outside coat of paint to be freshened up. It depends on the colour, quality and weather elements of your house experience. Certain colours tend to last or fade less quickly that others. We suggest keeping the outside of your house looking fresher than your neighbours and thus a new paint job every 3-5 years.

Not many people do decide to paint their house themselves due to the difficulty and the risk of letting a rookie error have long-lasting effects. It’s best to let a professional handle the work! If you are in the market to repaint your home contact us here and we can provide quotes from contractors in your area.