Laminate flooring has been around for quite some time and was introduced as a supplement to your traditional wooden flooring. It is a far cheaper option that is easy to install. Each floorboard is cut in such a way that it fits into one another, making it easy install. Its construction gives the floor stability and prevent seems from opening up in changes of humidity. Its top layer is extremely tough meaning it doesn’t wear easily. It also makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. The hygienic element is also a massive plus.

Laminate flooring is a high definition image that gets printed or glued to fibreboard. This fibreboard is then back by a bottom layer that is treated to help it prevent water damage.

Laminate flooring comes in many different styles due its nature of simply being a photo image. There are old rustic versions as well as modern slick looks.

On the downside however is that when it eventually does wear, one cannot simply buff out the damage. The panels will need to be replaced in order to restore the original look. Also because of its hardness it can be quite a lot louder on foot when compared to the usual wooden flooring. On closer inspection when comparing wooden flooring to laminate once can see the difference. If the installation is not done properly the printed images on the Laminate flooring doesn’t always line up. The resale value of a house can be impacted when comparing wooden floor boards to the laminate verion.

Lots to consider when deciding on the what floors to install. Take it all in!

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