Coming out of winter now many households may need to think about fixing their current driveway or repave all together. The harsh rain may well have removed the cement that has kept the bricks alongside one another. Bricks themselves also have a lifetime. They are fairly robust objects however if a weakness is exposed by the weather element, the structural reliability of the paving can be comprised. Lastly, the ground in which the paving has been laid can also move over time. This may cause an uneven feel to a driveway or road.

How old is the driveway? Driveways tend to need to be replaced after approximately 20 years. This can vary vastly due to many factors however it’s a nice rule of thumb to take into consideration when identifying the need to replace your driveway or road. The quality of the brick and the paver

A driveway is often the first thing on display to potential visitors or possible investors. If first impressions last, it’s important they have a well-kept driveway.

An uneven driveway can lead to extra wear and tear on your car tyres. Going over a consistent bump on a daily basis will overtime lead to uneven wear on your car tyres. It can also cause a slight noise disturbance and the loose bricks cause a unique sound that may upset the household residents and neighbours. Loose bricks can too be a hazard for your guests and residents. Consider repaving especially if you have a pregnant wife or young children.

When you are in the market to repave your drive or pave it for the first time its imperative that you compare quotes for contractors in your area. Prices may vary from contractor to contractor, but don’t necessarily go for the cheapest option either. Good workmanship will tend to last so keep this in mind.